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In addition to providing amenities, forward thinking landlords can add value by helping employers attract and retain modern employees in a new era of a reduced in-person workforce by working with the best digital tools that make the office worth coming to.


Owners and operators must use events, services, and experiences to help employers find ways to earn the commute of their employees. Digital solutions should be employed strategically and often, with the end goal being adding value to tenants and their employees for improved leasing and retention.


Deploying the Elliot platform across national portfolios has repeatedly created an office building that attracts tenants. By adding value to space, increasing the productivity of its users, and differentiating buildings, occupiers are able to attract and retain the talent they need. 


With different hybrid work norms across industries, companies are investing in ways to bring back their teams in person, even if only part-time, to encourage collaboration and increase productivity. This has led companies to rethink their entire real estate strategies and the office experiences they want to provide for their employees. 


Elliot tackles the deceptively complicated nature of operational management across not just one workspace but an entire portfolio of workspaces. Our leading solution has the flexibility to adapt to different tenant needs and to transform any portfolio.

No matter how buildings change, Elliot software can be harnessed to amenitize and further develop offices, likening the modern workplace to hospitality facilities, enhancing a building’s desirability by shifting the focus to tenant experience. 


Balancing the wants of all sides is therefore crucial for creating a harmonious, happy, and profitable tenant experience. To enhance tenant connectivity and collaboration, by having events and services that engage employees and lead them to interact with their space and with one another. 


Modern office tenants want to be in environments that inspire them, and if a space does not, they may just be more inclined to work from home. Employers are always looking for advantages to attract new talent with a flight to quality showing what pulls employees in. Tenants are counting on building owners to lead them into the future of office space. 


Forward thinking owners with a mixed use approach are blurring the lines of office, retail, and hospitality in campus settings with increased outdoor space. Others are moving towards a hub-and-spoke model with one central office hub and smaller spokes offering the ability to book and pay for satellite offices, flex spaces, conference rooms and amenity access, since employees do not need to commute to a main HQ and still be productive and can choose where to work from. The commonality of both approaches is being powered by software to make it a seamless experience for tenants, operationally efficient for management teams, and best in class reporting for owners.


Our technology provides partners with new ways to leverage existing space for optimal human interaction. With the right software at work a portfolio can strategically shift with market dynamics such as the increased need for flex space and the flight to quality ensuring future-ready assets for occupiers in today’s transitioning workplace. 


If retail is part of your portfolio our technology allows you to activate an ecosystem to maximize the value of access to your building tenants to drive stronger retail leasing and allow service providers easy access to save employees time and money.


Commercial Real Estate has always been and will continue to be a people and relationship business powered by data and technology. This is the time to take advantage of Elliot's ability to provide the flexibility needed to turn the modern office into a business resource that unlocks new ways to engage, interact, and create meaningful productive work. It’s important to note that without the right technology partner in place, hybrid work, a mixed use campus, and a hub-and-spoke model cannot work to its full potential to impress occupiers to be in your portfolio.

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