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Stacking Plan Per Building

Deal Pipeline

Full Lease Management

Create Proposals

Generate custom proposals for prospective tenants.

Retail Portal

Organize and access all the terms and conditions including lease abstracts in one place for the entire portfolio. Brokers can be given access to only their client data while ownership can view all activity in one place.

Create a dynamic ecosystem by making the tenant community accessible to retailers & specialty services. A direct way for any retail tenant or service provider to have an audience with your tenants and be able to market their products and services.

Quickly view the entire building's leasing activity including tenant lease terms, options and new deals. With full reporting capabilities, you will be able to pull any information instantly for better insight into your buildings.

A complete picture of all active deals with existing tenants or new prospects. Brokers have the ability to add their deal activity and manage the activities on each deal - tours, proposals, etc. 

Positively affect leasing with critical data to increase retention, streamline your deal cycles, and attract new tenants

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