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A social, engaging, and connective platform for successful tenant interactions

Submit & Track Requests

Tenants can easily submit service requests with images and videos. Tenants can rate the quality of work upon completion giving management greater insight into staff performance.  

Community Feed

A virtual bulletin board for your building to post announcements. Tenants can create posts as well as like & interact with other posts, thereby creating an active community for the building. 

Communication & Messaging

A private messaging feature (similar to WhatsApp) that allows tenants to communicate directly with staff. 

Events & Experiences

Increase the popularity of your building with an events calendar giving your tenants the ability to RSVP and purchase tickets as well as host events.

Amenity & Resource Booking

Empower tenants to reserve free amenities such as conference rooms as well as book and pay for priced amenities. 

Flex Space

Turn any desk or office into a bookable flex space. Drive new revenue and put spaces to use without extra effort from property teams.

Payments & Invoices

Tenants can pay recurring charges via CC or ACH and view their history of charges such as billable work orders, amenity bookings, marketplace orders, etc. 

Retail Marketplace

Increase value to tenants by allowing local retailers and vendors to offer their products and services at discounted rates in the building marketplace. The marketplace enables the entire purchase process. 

Visitor Registration

Tenants can easily register visitors that will be coming into the building for a meeting. Visitors can also be added directly to conference room bookings or events.

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