Create the charts and reports you need 

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Monitor Building Staff

Compare Buildings & Portfolios

Tenant Relationships

Identify & Correct Inefficiencies


See the rating of staff performance on work orders from tenants including automatic delivery of reports and notifications for everything you need to know.

Designed for everyone from C-Level to building staff to get the information they need from custom KPI’s to comparing property performance in a market or market trends vs. the entire portfolio.

All historical data including tenant communication, work orders, amenity use, billing & leasing is compiled for a high level view and deep dive into each relationship in a building.

Complete insight into your portfolio with the ability to drill down into any building or space and painlessly assess its value and performance.


With easily customizable charts and reports for each user, comprehensive reporting has never been more on demand. 

See total revenue including payments, charges, and billable work generated by each building in the system, including the retail portal, flex space, and marketplace transactions.