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A cutting edge tool for property teams 

Work Orders

Tenants and staff can submit work orders in seconds, using the portal or the app. Work orders are immediately dispatched to the relevant building staff and escalated if not performed in a timely manner.

Preventative Maintenance

Set up recurring maintenance tasks to trigger work orders each time a task is due, saving staff time and ensuring preventative maintenance is always taken care of accordingly.

Cleaning Schedule

Automate your cleaning schedule to more efficiently manage cleaning staff and prioritize cleaning requests from tenants.

Seamlessly manage shared amenities such as conference rooms, flex work spaces, gyms, service elevators, etc. making it easy for tenants to book amenities in your buildings. 

Resource Management

Simplify billable work orders, recurring, and one-time charges with user-friendly billing features, designed to save time, eradicate errors, and reduce late payments. Have the ability to charge for amenity usage, marketplace products/services, and building events. 

Billing & Invoicing

Tenant Communication

Create & send branded mass or personal emails, text messages, or app notifications to any tenant or building distribution lists. This feature gives management all the advantages of a world-class outreach and response system.

Tenant Management

Full insight into your tenant relationships including history of communication, work orders, billing, etc. to maximize each relationship with confidence and clarity.

Equipment & Inventory

Easily manage inventory & track equipment allowing management to be proactive in purchasing and replacing without interrupting tenant usage.

Contracts & Vendors

Manage vendors, vendor contracts, and COIs to minimize disruption of operations. 

Visitor Management

Manage entry into your buildings without additional burden to security staff. Have the ability to cultivate a relationship with visitors to support leasing activities.

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