Your Profile provides an overview of your activity throughout the software and allows you to edit important account information and settings.

On the left side of the page you can edit the personal information linked to your profile. Click the Edit Profile button to update this information. Click View Public Profile to see your public profile.


Your public profile is what other tenants see when they click on your profile in the Community Feed.


While some of your basic information will display on your public profile, your Email, Phone Number, and Mobile Number will not. They can only be seen by building staff.

The Tenant Manager is the primary contact between your company and the building staff, and has access to additional pages. You can see who your Tenant Manager is at the bottom of the page.

The right side of the page is tabulated into five sections: Requests, Posts, Reservations, Orders, and Settings.


The Requests tab displays all the service requests that you have submitted. You can track the progress of each request by looking at its status. When a request is being handled by the building staff, the status will read Active, Dispatched, or In Progress. When the request is completed, the status will change to Completed. If a request is re-opened, the status will change to Re-Opened.


If the status of your request says Pending Tenant Manager Approval, your Tenant Manager needs to approve the request before it will be sent to the building staff.  The Tenant Manager can review pending service requests in the Tenant Profile

The Posts tab displays posts that you've made in the Community Feed.


Like in the Requests tab, the status of each post indicates whether or not it has been published in the feed. If the status of your post says Pending Tenant Manager Approval or Pending Building Manager Approval, it means your post needs to be approved before it will display in the feed. 

Reservations displays all the resource reservations you've made through the Book a Resource page.

The Orders tab displays purchases you've made through the Marketplace.

The Settings tab allows you to update your password, notification settings, and billing information. To update your notification settings, click the icon next to each option to indicate if you would like to be notified by email and/or push notification (through the app). 


Click Add another card to add a credit card to your profile. This will allow for a faster checkout process in the Marketplace.

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