The Submit a Request page allows you to quickly and easily submit service and maintenance requests to the building staff. Technical support issues regarding the software can also be submitted here. 

In order to submit a request, you will need to enter a description of the issue, and where in the building it is occurring. You also have the option of uploading relevant images or files.


When entering the description and location, try to be as clear and detailed as possible to ensure the building staff understand your request and can respond to it quickly. Attaching an image is a great way to help the building staff understand the issue.

After submitting, you may be notified that your request requires approval by your Tenant Manager. They can approve or delete your request in the Tenant Profile.

To ensure you are notified of any updates regarding your service requests, be sure to turn on  notifications for Request Updates in the Settings tab of your Profile. You can also track the status of your requests in the Requests tab of your Profile.

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