Service Requests is divided into four pages - Open RequestsClosed Requests, Billable Requests, and Assigned to Me.

The Open Requests page displays all active service requests. If a request is cancelled, completed, or closed, it will display in the Closed Requests page. Click Edit to update a request and Delete to cancel it.


If a request is billable, there will be a small, green icon next to the tenant name, and a Create Invoice button under its actions. You can also see all billable requests in the Billable Requests page. Click the Create Invoice button to create an invoice for the tenant regarding the request. You can read more about how to create an invoice in the Invoices page. 

Service requests generated by a maintenance task will also display in this page until they are completed or closed. They will have Maintenance listed as their source. You can read more about maintenance requests in the Maintenance Tasks page.


When a tenant submits a request through the software or the app, it will automatically display in the Open Requests page. You can opt to require that all Tenant User requests require Tenant Manager approval before they will display in the Open Requests page. You can turn this setting on in the Requests tab of Property Settings. There is also a range of service request notifications you can choose to receive via email and text message in the Notifications tab of Property Settings.


Click Submit Request to manually create a new service request.

In order to create a service request you need to provide several pieces of information including the user, service location, service type, and a description of the request. The Property, Service Location, Service Type, and Technician drop-down menus in this form use data from the reference tables in List Management.

Documents that are attached to a request will be automatically added to the Documents page, and can be re-downloaded from there at any point.

You can manually assign the request to a technician by clicking Add, but if you have Auto Dispatch set up in List Management, once you submit the request it will automatically dispatch the request to the technicians that are assigned to the selected service type. 

For technical issues relating to the software, select the service type, Software Issue, and the request will be assigned to our technical support team.

The Assigned to Me page displays all service requests that you are assigned to as a technician. Click the Start button when you begin working on service request and Complete when you have finished to record an accurate time stamp of how long the request took to complete. 

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