The Marketplace pages enable you to view all orders made through the marketplace, as well as the ability to add and remove items available for purchase.

Go to the Items page and click Add Item in the right corner to add a new product. 

You will need to select a title, description, price, quantity, category, and owner in order to add the item to the Marketplace.  You also have the option of adding an image and sub category. 

Click Edit on the right side of the page to update any item. To remove the item from display in the Marketplace, change the status of the item to Inactive. You can see all inactive items by clicking the Show Inactive button at the top of the page.

The Orders page displays a record of all purchases. Click View to see a list of the items in each order.  Click Edit to update the status or amount of any order. Orders with a Cancelled or Removed status can be seen by clicking Show Inactive.

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