Manage Users has two pages, Active Tenants and Active Users, and allows you to view, edit or remove any user or tenant associated with your properties.

Active Tenants

Active Tenants allows you to manage the companies that are currently a tenant of one or more of your properties. Click Edit to update an existing tenant's information. Click Message to send an email or private message to the Tenant Manager/s. Click Requests to see the service requests they have submitted. Click Delete to remove a tenant. Inactive tenants can be seen and reactivated by clicking the Show Inactive button.


Click the button in the top right corner that says Add Tenant to create a new tenant.

When creating a new tenant, you will need to provide a name, email address, and information about the space they are leasing (property, floor, suite). You also have the option of adding a start and end date for their lease and certificate of insurance. Alerts can be created in the Notifications tab of Property Settings that will notify you 30 days before the expiration of their lease and certificate of insurance.

Active Users

Active Users has a similar function and layout to Active Tenants, but allows you to manage all users associated with your properties.


The different user types include: AdministratorProperty Manager, Building Manager, Engineer, Security, Tenant Manager, and Tenant User. Your access to certain parts of the software depends on what user type you are, and what permissions are set up in Property Settings.


While most settings can be customized in Property Settings, there are several hard settings that cannot be changed. For example, you cannot edit or create a superior user type, and only the Administrator user type has access to the Account Settings page.

Click Add User to create a new user.

When creating a new user, you will need to enter a first and last name, email address, and select their user type and property.


If you select Tenant Manager or Tenant User as the user type, you will also need to select a tenant.


If you select Property Manager or Building Manager as the user type, you will have the option of adding an email signature that will be automatically included in email messages sent by the user via the Communications tool. They will have the opportunity to customize the signature before sending each message.

Once a user is created, they will receive a welcome email that will provide them with instructions on how to access and use the software. 

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