Manage Posts is divided into three pages: Pending Posts, Approved Posts, and View Feed

Pending Posts 

In the Posts tab of Property Settings, you can opt to require that all posts in the community feed require approval by the Building Manager before they are published. If you take advantage of this feature, you can use the Pending Posts page to review and either approve or delete posts made by your tenants.


You can publish a post by clicking Approve, or by clicking Edit and changing the status of the post to Active. Change the status of the post to Inactive to delete the post.

When editing a post, you can make changes such as redacting a word or image. You also have the ability to change the user linked to the post. 

Approved Posts 

You can also edit posts in Approved Posts. To remove a post from the feed, click Edit and change its status to Inactive or Pending Approval. Posts with a status of Pending Approval will return to the Pending Posts page. Inactive posts can be seen by clicking the Show Inactive button.

View Feed

View Feed enables you to see what your tenants see - the Community Feed for their building. If you manage multiple properties, you can choose which feeds you would like to see in the dropdown menu at the top of the page. 

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