Preventive Maintenance allows you to manage the equipment and ongoing maintenance tasks in each of your properties. It is divided into two pages - Equipment and Maintenance


Click Edit to update an existing equipment record, or Delete to remove it. Deleted equipment can be reactivated by clicking the Show Inactive button, and clicking Activate next to the equipment you wish to reinstate. Click the Add Equipment button to create a new equipment record.

You need to provide a name and description, and select the property the equipment is linked to, in order to create the record. Additional details such as the manufacturer, model number, serial number, and the condition of the equipment can also be added. 

If the equipment has warranty, you can add a warranty expiration date. In the notifications tab in Property Settings, you can then set up an email or text alert that will notify you 30 days before the equipment expires.

Maintenance Tasks

The Maintenance page allows you to create recurring maintenance tasks that feed into the Open Requests page. The frequency of each task determines how often it will create service requests.

Click Edit to update a task. Click Requests to see the service requests that have been generated by the task. Click Delete to remove the task and stop it from generating service requests. Deleted tasks can be reactivated by clicking the Show Inactive button. Click Add Task to create a new task.

When creating a new task you need to provide a name, start date, and instructions, and select the property, service location, service type, frequency, and priority of the task. This information is needed in order to automatically generate accurate service requests. 

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Preventive Maintenance