List Management enables you to access and edit the reference tables that link your building data to the software.


The first reference table hosts the properties that you own or manage. To add a new entry to the table, click the Add Record button. 

Service Locations

The Service Locations table lists areas in any or all of your properties that may relate to a service request. The entries in this table provide the data for the Service Locations drop-down menu in the Service Requests page. The display allows to choose whether or not tenants can see the location as an option when they are submitting a service request.

Service Types

Similarly, Service Types refers to the types of service requests that can be submitted, and the entries in this table are used in the Service Type drop-down menu in the Service Requests page. You have the option of adding a priority status to each service type and whether or not tenants can see it as an option when they are submitting a service request.

Auto Dispatch

Auto Dispatch enables you to assign a technician to each Service Type.  This automates the dispatch process, as when a tenant creates a service request and selects an assigned service type, the request is automatically dispatched to the selected technician. This allows you to more efficiently manage the workflow of service request management in your property. 


The Technicians table lists the users that can be dispatched to service requests as a technician. This may include the building manager, engineer, or a security personnel. To add a technician to the table, Click Add Record and select the user you would like from the drop-down menu. They must be an existing user in the software. Tenant Managers and Tenant Users cannot be added as technicians.


The Marketplace table allows you to create the item categories that are used in the Marketplace.

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