The Dashboard provides a detailed, one-page overview of your properties over a designated time period.  To get started, select one or more properties and the desired time period in the top right corner and click Load.

Service Requests provides a statistical analysis of the selected building's service requests that were logged during the designated time period.


The top three charts show a percentage breakdown of the selected building's requests based on their status, source, and technician.


Below them, three tables show a numerical breakdown of the requests by service type, location, and tenant. You can see more information about the specific service requests associated with each option listed by clicking on it - it will open a new page in Service Requests that only displays the service requests related to the option you selected.

Resource Reservations shows what percentage of the reservations in the selected time period were for each resource.


Resource Usage shows what percentage of the time period each resource was in use. For example, if the time period selected is one day, and a resource is fully booked for the entire day, its usage will be at 100%. 

See Property Settings for more information about creating rules and restrictions for resources and reservations.

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