Communications is an advanced email and messaging tool that enables you to easily correspond with any software user. 

Click Edit to edit a draft communication, or to view what a Sent message contained. Click Copy to create a duplicate draft message. Click Audience to see who received the communication, and Stats to see how many emails were sent, delivered, and opened. Click Delete to remove a message.

Click New Message to create a new communication.

You have the option of sending your message via email, private message, text message, or push notification (recipient must have the app and push notifications turned on).


You will need to give the communication a name, enter a message, and select at least one recipient in order to send the communication.


If you are sending an email, you will also need to enter a subject, email signature, from name, and from email address.  The from name and from email address indicate to the recipient who sent the email. If the recipient replies to the email, it will be sent to the from email address. If you have an email signature already saved to your user account in Manage Users, it will be automatically added to the Signature field. All emails will automatically include a greeting with the recipient's first name.


You have the option of sending the communication to one or more user types, one or more tenants, or one or more users.  You can send the communication immediately, or schedule a time to send it later.

Private messages that you have sent and received can also be read in your Messages page. 

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