The Booking Calendar allows you to create and edit resource reservations, events, and classes in any of your properties. 


The Resources page provides a calendar of all resource reservations. You can change the display of the calendar to show the day, week, or month by clicking the buttons in the top right corner. To return to present day, click the Today button in the left corner. You can create a reservation by clicking the New Reservation button. To edit a reservation, click on the reservation in the calendar.

When creating or editing a reservation, you can add a title or special requirements. 


In the Reservations tab of Property Settings, you may wish to require that all reservations receive Tenant Manager and/or Building Manager approval before they are confirmed.


Reservations that require Building Manager approval will display in red on the calendar; reservations that require Tenant Manager approval will display in gray. To approve a reservation, change the status to Active. Change the status to Inactive or click Cancel Reservation to remove it.


The Events page has a similar function and layout, and allows you to create events and classes that will occur within your property.

When creating an event or class, you will need to provide an image, title, location, and description. You also have the option of adding pricing and a maximum guest capacity, or making it a recurring event. Once an event is created, tenants will be able to see it and register as a guest in the Events page.

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