Property Settings allows you to customize the software settings for each of your properties. This page is divided into eight tabs.  Select a property from the drop-down menu in the top right corner to get started.

General Information

The top half of the General Information tab allows you to customize the information displayed in the property's Building Guide - a page available to tenants that provides them with important information about the property. 


You can choose to display an image of the property along with the name, address, staff, and any other information you feel is important for tenants to see. To add a section of information to the page, click Add Another

Below that, you can choose the billing information that will display on the invoices generated by the software and the information used in notification emails sent automatically via the software. 


In Resources, you can manage the settings related to the shared resources, such as conference rooms, in each property. 

After you've added all resources, you can select whether Tenant Users are permitted to make reservations, and if yes, whether their reservations require approval by the Tenant Manager and/or the Building Manager. You can set rules regarding the maximum reservation duration, how far in advance reservations can be made, how many booking hours tenants receive per month, and what day/time each resource is available. You can also exclude specific dates that one or more resources are unavailable for reservation, for example, a public holiday.

You have the ability to set custom resource booking hours for each tenant in Manage Tenants. If you return to this page and update the general number of hours per month your tenants receive, be sure to deselect the checkbox that says Override all custom tenant booking hours if you wish to keep any custom changes you made for individual tenants.


The Requests tab allows you to choose if Tenant Users and/or Tenant Managers can submit service requests, and if requests submitted by a Tenant User require approval by the Tenant Manager before they are activated and added to the Service Requests page.

You can also set up Technician Pools and Dispatch Forwarding in this tab. Technician Pools allows you to create a group of technicians that can be assigned to service requests together.


Dispatch Forwarding allows you to automatically forward service requests that are assigned to a technician that is unavailable to another technician for the period that they are unavailable. 


Use the Posts tab to set permissions for the property's Community Feed. You can reduce the risk of inappropriate content in the feed by requiring that the Tenant Manager and/or Building Manager approve a post before it will display in the feed. The Building Manager can review posts in the Manage Posts page.


In Events, you can choose which user types have the ability to create events and classes using the software. You can also choose to require that the Tenant Manager and/or the Building Manager must approve an event before it is listed in the Events & Classes page.


The Marketplace tab allows you choose which user types have the ability to create items and sell them via the Marketplace. You have the option of requiring that the Tenant Managers and/or the Building Manager must approve an item before it is listed in the Marketplace.


The Notifications tab allows you to create email and text message alerts for certain events, such as when a service request is created or when a tenant's Certificate of Insurance is about to expire.  The notifications can be customized for each user type. Click the Add button, select the event, which user types should receive the alert, and whether they should receive the alert via email, text message, or both. Click Remove to delete a notification.


The Menus tab allows you to customize what pages each user type has access to. For example, you may wish to give the Building Manager access to all pages, but Security users may only require access to the Incident Reports page.

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