Enhance the Performance of Every Building in Your Portfolio.

Elliot is a property management platform that gives owners and managers the tools they need to operate their buildings at maximum efficiency.

Savings Delivered Through Efficiency

Using the power of real building data, Elliot empowers building staff to implement practices that reduce costs and improve efficiency. Meanwhile, management staff can monitor the health of their buildings in real-time via an easy-to-use dashboard.

With a suite of features that cover everything from leasing to facility management, and the ability to integrate third-party applications, Elliot reduces the need for additional software and provides you with a single platform for seamlessly managing your entire portfolio.



Elliot will analyze data from your building and deliver the actionable intelligence you need to deliver practical results.


By offering greater insight into your operational efficiency, Elliot will help you trim unnecessary costs and increase profitability.


The Elliot platform includes a suite of features designed to improve communication with tenants and foster a sense of community.


Elliot's integrations with the latest proptech solutions will keep your building ahead of the curve, and the competition.

Management Features


Facility Management

Elliot gives building staff the tools they need to efficiently handle work orders, building maintenance, and more, whether they're working from a computer or on-the-go via the Elliot app.

Tenant Management

Elliot provides a simple and easy-to-use platform to centralize storage of all tenant data and documentation so you can manage your relationships with confidence and clarity.

Analytics & Reporting

Elliot's comprehensive dashboard and reporting features provide you with a real-time insight into what's happening in your building, enabling you to track custom KPIs and monitor staff performance.


Increase retention and streamline your deal cycle with Elliot's leasing module which uses real building data to help you better understand your tenants and how they use your space.

Resource Management

Managing conference rooms and other amenities that can be reserved by tenants is uncomplicated with Elliot's module of resource management features.

Asset Management

Elliot enables you to exercise complete control over your portfolio with the ability to drill down into any building or space and painlessly assess its status and performance.

Invoicing & Billing

Simplify rent payments and tenant invoicing with Elliot's user-friendly billing features, designed to save time, eradicate errors, and reduce late or delayed payments.


Create and send branded emails to your tenants in minutes using Elliot's advanced communication tool that gives you all the advantages of an email management software.

Visitor Management

Elliot's visitor management tool enables you to keep track of all building guests, and can work in conjunction with facial recognition technology for a more secure and automated check-in process.

Delivery Management

This feature enables you to assign deliveries to tenants and automatically notify them when they have a package.  Digital signing can also be enabled to confirm tenant receipt.

Cleaning Schedule

Automate your cleaning schedule to more efficiently manage cleaning staff and prioritize cleanings that are requested by tenants or triggered by smart sensors that integrate with Elliot.

Health Questionnaires

Use this feature to enable all staff, tenants, and guests to quickly respond to a short health survey before they enter the building, helping to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure.


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Tenant Experience Features

Resource Booking

Elliot allows your tenants to reserve shared amenities such as conference rooms online or through the app with just a tap of their finger.

Events Calendar

Elliot's events calendar gives your tenants the ability to RSVP and purchase tickets to events hosted in your building or the local community. 

Private Messaging

Elliot’s messaging system allows your tenants and their employees to communicate privately with other tenants and staff.

Community Feed

Elliot’s community feed feature is like a virtual notice board for your building, allowing users to like, comment on, and create their own posts.


The marketplace is an e-commerce feature that will allow you to sell products and services directly to your tenants online and through the app.

Work Order Submission

Tenants can submit work orders in seconds, online or through the Elliot app, that are immediately dispatched to the relevant building staff.


Visitor Registration

Tenants can register building guests through Elliot in seconds, enabling a safer workplace without unnecessary  inconvenience.

It's easy to be overwhelmed by all the proptech solutions on the market today.


Elliot seamlessly integrates with the latest innovations so our clients can try them without having to commit to an additional software.

Technology should make our lives easier - At Elliot, that's our mission.


Smart Building Integrations

Energy Usage

Monitor energy consumption levels to identify and mitigate inefficiencies throughout your building.

HVAC Control

Enable your building management system to automatically adjust to reduce waste without a sacrifice in comfort.

Temperature & Humidity

Track temperature and humidity levels to identify optimal conditions based on building occupancy.

Odor Detection

These smart smell sensors will identify bad odors and alert staff that the area needs to be cleaned.

Light Usage

Monitor light use throughout your building and enable automatic adjustment to reduce waste.

Security & Access Control

Keyless entry, wireless lock control, and AI-powered cameras will make your building smarter and safer.

Facial Recognition

Automatically identify staff, tenants, visitors, and intruders when they enter your building.


Track the number of people in your building in real-time to optimize your HVAC system and learn tenant behavior.

Space Usage

Analysis of occupancy data will provide you with an insight into how your tenants utilize building spaces.

Asset Tracking

Keep track of mobile building equipment in real-time as it is moved around the building.

Water Management

This AI-powered sub-metering technology can detect anomalies and prevent major leaks from happening.

Water Quality

This sensor will monitor the quality of your building's drinking water to ensure it continually meets safety standards.


"The Elliot platform has been a game changer for our tenants! It is intuitive, very easy to use, and a terrific communication and management tool."

Michael Seidenfeld | Chief Operations Officer, Shelbourne

"Elliot is a powerful tool which allows our management team to connect with our tenants and manage responsibilities in a most effective manner.  It has provided efficiencies which have streamlined our management and maintenance responsibilities."

Judy Malin | Director of Operations, Diversified Capital


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