The Tenant Profile enables the Tenant Manager to review the activity of all Tenant Users associated with their company.

You can access the Tenant Profile by going to your profile and clicking the Switch to Tenant Profile button in the top right corner.

Like in your user profile, you can edit the profile information for your company on the left side of the Tenant Profile page. Your company's Phone Number, Website, Description, and Social Media are all displayed on the public profile.

The right side of the page has three tabs: Requests, Posts, and Reservations. In each tab, you can see the requests, posts, and reservations created by all the Tenant Users and Tenant Managers in your company. 

As a Tenant Manager, you may be required to approve requests, posts, or reservations before they are activated. If a request, post, or reservation requires approval, its status will say Pending Tenant Manager Approval, and you will receive an email notifying you that your approval is required. If there are multiple Tenant Managers, they will all receive the email alert.


Click the Approve button to approve a request, post, or reservation.  Click Edit to update it, or Delete to remove it. 

Sometimes, a request, post, or reservation may require additional approval from the Building Manager. In this case, the status will say Pending Building Manager Approval. The Tenant User that created the request, post, or reservation will be alerted via email when the status is updated. 

Click Switch to Personal Profile to return to your user Profile

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